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Confess something you’ve thought about me on anon, and all I can do is post it
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Alright muses, we’ve taken shit from our muns for too long! For the next hour and a half I the muse with answer any question about the mun honestly! And with out mercy.






Anyone else think we need a little fuckin’ payback!?



"No mercy!" 

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He’s taken to cutting through the park when he’s on his way to and from the dance studio— not only is it a short cut, but the scenery is nice and the breath of fresh air away from the noisy streets and crowed side walks is refreshing. Often times during his strolls, he finds himself in a daze as his eyes trail the flowers and shrubs, and until now, he has yet to bump into anyone. Today, though, he finds himself colliding with another figure, and he stumbles slightly before reaching to help steady the other person as well. He curses his clumsiness before flashing an apologetic smile, hoping he hasn’t done them any harm. “Ah, I’m so sorry. Are you alright?”

"Oh?" The girl’s voice appeared, stumbling on her feet. She seemed just as dazed as he was, her eyes wide in surprise when he steadied her. Adjusting her black locks, she was able to reply, nodding her head quickly. "I-I’m fine, just a little surprised." Her radiance was showing but for an unknown reason to him. However, the girl was still able to return the kind, apologetic smile, smoothing down her shirt. "I was just admiring the blossoms and I guess I got lost in my own little dream land." A melodic laugh filled the air, apologetic for her own, distant actions and not noticing anyone around her before their supposed ‘meet-cute’.

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Dancing with an Angel // Yoonji & Melyria



"Oh goodness no! You look hot, Mel." There was no Night Elf pun intended in that comment. Before she could speak again, she was dragged to the floor, recognizing the song as the soundtrack of many memories with her. So much so, that she answered back with the next verse. "Ricochet, you take your aim. Fire away, fire away~"

She travel back to Paris, where that song was playing on the cafe while they were smashing demon heads onto the tables and counters, while kicking their asses. Melyria chuckled to herself as she pulled Yoonji to the dance floor, carefully not to make her stumble with her own dress. “Shoot me down, but I won’t fall. I am Titaniiiuuuum~”

Oh, how glorious is was to walk down that memory lane. Of how they slipped into trouble and burned up Paris. She could remember the bright light of her now-handled power and being strong enough to take them on. The song was now empowering to Yoonji. “I am Titaniiiuuuum~!” She sang in unison with Melyria, holding onto her best friend’s hand tight as they danced.

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Hovering Over Me (Mini-Para) // Chanyeol & Yoonji


The phoenix looked at her innocently, “I don’t mind at all, and I may know you so little but I feel like we’re friends already” he said to her. Chanyeol was helping Yoonji around just in case and also feeding her, and all that Chanyeol could offer now to her is a friendly smile. It was true that they barely knew, but that could be changed now, Chanyeol sat in front of the angel with a smile on his face, “So, do you want to change that and know a little about me?” he asked her looking at her directly in the eyes, eyes shinning a little showing off a little of his innocense. 

"A…ahh.." Yoonji choked out when she opened up. It felt weird to be fed that way again. It gave her memories of her brother when she was a kid and she was unwell. He’d have that warm smile the phoenix was sporting before her. It was funny to be imagining him again, but it was a home comfort nonetheless, which managed to finally bring a smile on her face. "Mm… let’s change that… Even if my voice sounds like a mouse in a train tunnel, I will try my best to tell you a bit about myself." She said very quietly, unable to speak up much in case she strained her throat again.

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I want to runaway from the reality.

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When she noticed the movement Sulli looked over to find a lump in a black jacket curious she got closer when Yoonji’s head seemed to peek over the jacket Sulli giggled softly recognizing the face “Y-Yoonji!  w-what are you doing out here?”


Yoonji heard the voice and looked up to the girl, her eyes fluttering in a daze. “Oh? Sulli?” She wondered for a moment and peeked further, sitting upright in her position. “Oh hey there~ I was just admiring the horizon tonight. It’s pretty relaxing if you ask me. How about you?”

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