mizuki-ia asked: FC: Jung Ilhoon

Ilhoon’s a Nekoninnin who is a biiiiit of a klutz. He is into hip hop, often seen shaking his tail along to the music in his headphones. He was raised to be part of a Host Club for anime fans, so he can be very charming and cute - specializing in the cute category. If someone gives him food or cuddles, he can be very loving and nuzzles up to them without fault.

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chanyeol-ia asked: FC: Ailee

Ailee is a veela, who was originally the Headlining Act in the Jajeong travelling Circus. She longed to see the world and used her beauty and voice to its best advantage. Every night, the crowd would fall for her as she swayed from above on her ring, singing her own written masterpieces. Of course, she had some male groupies - which was natural for a woman of her power and stature.

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yoonji-ia asked: "Miss Christine~" The child's giggle followed the dark haired lady, wondering through the village. They all seemed to be in awe at her smile and ran up to say hello. She welcomed them with a smile and waved a cheerful hello, however she didn't notice the figure walking out and fell directly into his direction. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, sir. Are you alright?"


His ears sparked as he heard her name, widening his eyes as he lifted them from the ground; distracted no more indeed. He froze, Jesus Christ she was walking towards him! What to do? He stumbled on his feet, trying to walk away but it was too late for that. He took off his labcoat and put it around his neck and nose as a scarf as she accidentally collided with him. Time stopped as they crossed gazes, but he quickly snapped out of it and simply nodded to her inquiry, before walking away from her as fast as he could.


She felt a warm familiar feeling in her stomach but simply brushed it off, flashing a comforting smile his way. “Oh?” Yoonji managed to say as he walked off without a word. The child behind her tugged on her coat, asking who he was. “Hmm… I’m not sure, little one. His eyes were… familar, but he did seem very busy to talk. I hope he’s alright.” In her reply, she knelt down to the child’s level, her eyes warm. “Now, I think your mother is waiting for you.” As he ran off to his parents, Yoonji took another look back at the figure, tilting her head slightly.

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▷ 1/3 favorite female soloists: ns 윤지

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✯ Hanging On // Melyria & Yoonji {Past}


So definitely the angel was following the night elf. Her shouts were heard through all the forest, as well they were being ignored. The elven female didn’t want to respond to any of her cries, she didn’t want to give Yoonji reasons to cling to her nor to talk about anything. She wanted to die and disappear, that was her only wish. Melyria just kept running, crying and having a failed attempt of hiding. As soon as the world turned completely dark, the desperate voice of her friend stopped, the pain stopped, the memories, her bad feelings… everything stopped. Peace, finally peace. Even in her unconscious state she wondered if dying felt these good, if she was dead at all. Suddenly the apparent peaceful silence disappeared and she was standing before her bleeding mother. Although this time she was not hiding behind a bush, now she was hugging her mother’s death body. Something that never happened before.

She never noticed when she fell to the ground nor the open wound behind her neck, but her body was trembling cold and her skin was more greyish than usual. Unable to answer any of her friend’s words, for the sake of it, she was not even conscious of her embrace and care. Anyone could say she was more death than alive. In a catathonic state she was. Whilst she was being tortured by her own psyche, her wails were watched away by the cold rain as Yoonji flew off to the dorms.

After three days, she finally woke up, not sure of how she got to her bead, not even sure where the horrendous dream ended and her reality started and definitely didn’t remembered much about the event with Yoonji for a few minutes. Still dizzy she tried to sit up, an infernal headache kicking the heck out of her brains “Ah—” she whined holding her forehead with both hands. She thought she was alone until she focused her gaze towards the door frame, where Yoonji was cautiously eyeing her. She remembered and widened her eyes So she brought me back after all I said, silly angel… She thought. Sighing she utterly asked Yoonji to leave, she was ashamed of her words and actions “I— I think you should leave now…” Melyria wanted no explanations, no sobs, nothing… She just wanted to be alone for now and hoped the angel could understand so.

Over the days, Yoonji didn’t even move. She just perched over the bed and watched over, nervous of any unexpected movement or shocks. She felt her heart beat away in her chest constantly, unable to eat or sleep. She could feel her body getting weaker and weaker but she was a fool. There was a bond between her that couldn’t be broken, despite Melyria pushing her away constantly. Her mind flashed back to the happy memories she had. Their trips to the human world, showing a reserved Angel the nightlife - with strange consequences, and the friendship created by the shared struggle they had - Yoonji struggled with her power and life but Melyria had a hidden struggle, one that Yoonji never highlighted until now.

Why didn’t she not see it before? Why couldn’t she had done something when she noticed before? She was beating herself up over it and she didn’t even know what it was. The words coming from Melyria hurt her so much but she still protected her. Anyone would’ve given up or slapped her to snap her out of it, but Yoonji just stood there, through the tears and the pain, the angel just powered on. It made her think about if she was truly ready to be a guardian. She couldn’t stop the bullet through Kyokei’s chest. She couldn’t see the dark spirit taking over Sunggyu until he was gripping her neck. Even her own emotions prevented her from proving her worth. Was she failing as a guardian and as a friend? Was Melyria really right? There were times when Yoonji would choke out a cry over her friend’s catatonic state, masked by the rain battering against the window.

“One day, we will find what we’re missing now….” She remembered words said to her before but even she was questioning that. Right now, it was like rummaging through a haystack. Desperate to find an answer. Yoonji couldn’t even shine a light on the situation, but what was missing… was unknown. And next to impossible right now.

When she finally woke up, Yoonji looked up from her resting place by the door frame, wings parting to watch her with cautious eyes. It seemed that even Melyria knew what she did the moment she laid eyes on her. She didn’t even have the strength to thank or push her away further. Even then, it was no use, they needed time. “Yes…” Yoonji barely spoke and stood up, parting ways through the door. Her eyes stuck to the ground, clear to Melyria that she was scared and ashamed that she couldn’t be there earlier and be there as a friend. Taking a few more steps, the downsides of constant observation were kicking in, and the angel fell. Her hand reached out to lean on the wall, keeping herself up as desperate cries slipped from her mouth, days of pent up emotion finally breaking free, and it came instantaneously. She knew why Melyria wanted to be on her own, but there was so much worry the rookie guardian put on herself to protect and care for that it almost proved how much the Night Elf meant to her, but that was the double edged sword that tore her heart inside out; She wasn’t crying just over her failings as a Guardian or her struggle to hold it together, but the angel was up against the wall, broken, and crying over her failings as a friend.

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"All the time I have laid in your love
When your love kept me safe through the night
All the time I was sure you were mine
And before time demands our goodbye
Can you sing me a last lullaby…?"

Lullaby - Professor Green ft Tori Kelly

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